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We just love these windows. They improve the look of your house by 100%. They bring out the country style of our ranch house in such a beautiful way. These windows are low cost but add value to your home’s appearance.. All our neighbors have made positive comments on them and are thinking of adding them to their garage doors too. I just wish I had bought them sooner. I almost hate to leave my garage door open. I want the door down so everyone (including me) can see how great they look. Don’t hesitate to purchase this item. . — John K.

Upgrade your home’s curb appeal, whether you are looking to sell or fixing it up to stay a while, we have products that you can install to give your home exterior a sophisticated makeover.

  • Revitalize Your Garage Door
  • Upgrade Your “Curb Appeal”
  • Enhanced value
  • Extreme durability
  • Increased security
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy D.I.Y. installation

Browse through our gallery of homes to see what a difference they can make!

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Made entirely in the U.S.A. using time-proven composite materials by a leader in the automotive trim industry.

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