Quality and Value Are Built Right In

Before you buy anything, you want to be sure you're getting value for your money. Just because a comparable product appears to be less expensive, doesn't mean you have a "deal." That product has to be truly comparable—in materials, engineering, documentation, even in that company's values. Recently Coach House has been compared to a different product made in China and sold in Home Depot. Even we are hearing complaints about this “other” product, so we wanted to compare our product against theirs to show the real differences.

Shop and Compare

cha0115web_chart_b Our Coach House product with color fast resins is fade resistant and can be painted. The competition starts to fade in as little as six months.
Our Coach House window panel is engineered and manufactured with tight tolerances for proper alignment and a clean, finished look. The other brand uses glue that becomes brittle and fails over time. Loose tolerances in assembly will lead to misalignment and a sloppy presentation.
The Coach House Simulated Garage Door Windows have tight lines and a smooth finish. The other brand’s simulated window panels buckle and warp from excessive window layers, bad assembly and lower-grade substrate choices.
When shopping for simulated windows, we know we have the best product on the market. Our engineering, testing, commitment to quality and experience in the market tell us that we make the best product available. And if that wasn’t proof enough, our vendors and customers tell us too.  

Good Value

“Great look and easy installation. Would buy them again!”

James T. Davis

Coach House Garage Door Accents make curb appeal!

"Very pleased with my new Coach House Accents garage windows.  I’m impressed with the quality of your product.  Service & shipping was excellent and quick.  I would highly recommend your windows to anyone I know.  Install was easy and the difference is night and day.  Gave our house a much better curb appeal for a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new garage door with windows. Thank you!"

Derek C,  Ohio


Beautiful Update

“These faux windows look totally real! They updated and improved the look of not only our large plain garage door but also added curb appeal to the whole house. They were easy to install! Many $$ saved by not purchasing a whole new door (or two)!”

Karen Depp


Lawsuit Against Home Depot

Lacks Home Products invests substantial resources in manufacturing, testing and perfecting our patented American-made Coach House Accents® products, and our number one concern is customer satisfaction. That’s why our premium garage door accents come with a 15-year warranty. If you’re one of the many customers who are frustrated with the deterioration and yellowing of the similar, zero-warranty window overlays sold at Home Depot, please understand that this product is not manufactured by Lacks Home Products. However, Lacks is offering information and help on repair or replacement options. Please fill in the contact form below or call 800-351-9776 to discuss these options with a customer service representative. To learn more about the ongoing lawsuit against Home Depot for their inferior product, feel free to review the resources below: For full details, please reference the Complaint filed in the action, captioned Lacks Enterprises, Inc. and Lacks Home Products, LLC v. HD Supply, Inc. and Home Depot, U.S.A., Inc., No. 2:16-cv-10867 (E.D. Mich).