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Quick Installation Guide — Signature Décor Simulated Windows

Door installation grid1. Check your door for compatibility Click to view compatibility guide
2. The tools you'll need: Tools for installing simulated windows
3. Position the window on the garage door and drill pilot holes as indicated, starting with the center holes. 4. Prep the simulated window for installation by removing the protective film from the back, and inserting the six screws and rubber washers into the mounting holes. 5. Align the simulated window to the pilot holes and screw securely in place. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN. Click for PDF Click here to view the installation video Installing a décor window

Quick Installation Guide — Hinge and Handle Kits

Center hinge on panel border TO INSTALL HINGES:1. Check your door for compatibility2. Position the hinges so they are centered on the flat surface of a horizontal panel.3. Using the mounting holes as a guide, drill pilot holes into the door.
Measure for handle center 4. Screw the hinges in place.

Click to view compatibility guide

TO INSTALL HANDLES: 1. Check your door for compatibility.
Install handle 2. If the center vertical surface is over 7 inches wide, you have room for two handles.  If not, center one handle on the center of the door.3. Take care to position the handles so they are level and plumb.4. Using the mounting holes as a guide, drill pilot holes into the door.5. Screw the handles in place. Click for PDF